* * * *  Het Parool
‘Ter Hall easily combines the city of Brussels with an excentric love-story ‘Beautiful and touching visual images’ ‘Charming actors’ ‘Such a magnificent study on identity and human moldability’

* * * * De Volkskrant
‘A great, touching, layered movie’
‘In Brussels, &ME develops into a delicate romantic drama’ ‘An exceptional combination, this natural, fluid shooting-style combined with a plot filled with destiny and symbolism’ ‘This works’

* * * * Filmtotaal
‘The dreamy, unrestrained atmosphere in &Me is very touching. Ter Hall creates a modern tale of unconventional relationships, with a surprise around every corner. &Me is a tribute to love, in which one can lose itself delightfully.’

* * * * Cultuurbewust
‘&ME puts love’s moldability to the test’ ‘A fascinating movie, revealing the search for happiness, freedom and love, in an intriguing way.’

Every month a strange ritual takes place in Brussels. The European Parliament moves to its Strasbourg seat in 15 enormous trucks. A week later everything is moved back again. The romantic comedy &ME takes place against the backdrop of this desperate attempt to maintain European idealism.

The film tells the story of 24-year old law student Edurne who moves from Sitges to Brussels. On her first day at the European Parliament she collides violently with 40-year old German Eduard Schiller. Unlucky in love, homosexual Eduard has arrived in Brussels from Berlin to start a new life. Looking for happiness, he has decided to take a new path and look for a woman. Edurne and Eduard see the collision as the sign of a special relationship. L’amour c’est bizarre.

Everything changes when they meet handsome 30-year old EC removal man Richard.

A battle for Richard’s love develops between Eduard and Edurne. The confrontation with the truth gives the threesome very different answers to the same question: how do I become happy?

The &ME screenplay is based on the novel “Fremdkörper” by bestseller author Oscar van den Boogaard. His books are sold and translated in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, the US and Canada.

&ME was developed through Phanta Vision, with the collaboration of Eyeworks Film & TV Drama and Unafilm.