De Belofte van Pisa

★★★★★ Parool
‘a sparkling film about freedom and loyalty’

★★★★ NRC
‘a beautiful, melancholic film’

★★★★ Trouw
‘a swirling film’

★★★★ Nederlands Dagblad
“energetic and boyish bravado”

“The Promise of Pisa” is a dramatized portrait of a Moroccan youngster who has a strong resemblance to novelist Mano Bouzamour. It is his story that, in all its specific and highly personal details, tells the universal story of a boy who has to become himself. It is also the story of a generation of young people who must free themselves from the expectations and judgments of both their parents and the society in which they grow up. A story that is both contemporary and universal.

This project distincts itself in the way these themes are treated in the scenario. Almost casually and between the lines, trusting that the viewer makes his own story. With a lot of humor, sometimes raw but above all authentic and poetic.

In the portrayal of the film, I want to emphasize the poetic power of the scenario. The things around main character Sam; life, the city, friendship, sexuality and music. Because of his sensitivity, they seem to make a bigger impression on him. This requires a way of telling the story that transcends reality.

‘Gouden Kalf’ for Beste Actor
Shahine El-Hamus

‘Gouden Kalf’ for Best Music
Rui Reis Maia, Jasper Boeke en Diederik Rijpstra

Nomination Golden Calf for Best Supporting Actor
Thor Braun

Nomination Golden Calf for Best Editing
Wouter Jansen