“One of the best tvseries of the last few years.” – Sonja de Jong, GPD

“Most physical Dutch familydrama ever. Grotesque and heavy. Echandend acting, breathtaking storytelling:” – Dirk Limburg, NRC

“A King Lear in sawdust.” – Pablo Cabenda, Volkskrant

Willy Waltz (Aart Staartjes), head of the dying familycircusgroup Waltz, is coping with health problems. Still, he won’t even consider quitting the circus. The show must go on. He reigns with strong hand, trying to control and educate his three sons, Bruno (Theo Maassen), Felix (Barry Atsma) en Enrico (Coen Wouterse). Their mother, Waltz’ ex-wife Mimi (Marja Kok) still travels along with the circus. In the meantime, Waltz has picked up a new girlfriend, the Russian Olga (Olga Louzgina).

Abruptly, Waltz is diagnosed with a malignant braintumor. He decides to hide the fact that he doesn’t have long to live. The show lasts as long as the show lasts. Waltz hires the circusagent Vicky Borelli to compose an anniversary-show. Next year, the circus exists 95 years, and Waltz wants to shine one last time…