Tatort Berlijn

Aflevering 1170: Die dritte Haut

Oberhessische Zeitung
‘It doesn’t get much better than this.’

Spiegel 8/10
‘The Dutch director Norbert ter Hall finds strong images.’

Neue Zeitung
‘Thoughtfully composed images that manage to make the depressing story appear aesthetic. However, it still hurts.’

When the junior boss of the real estate company, Cem Ceylan (Murat Dikenci), lies dead in front of the house, the Berlin homicide squad has a new case. Rubin (Meret Becker) and Karow (Mark Waschke) are investigating the time of Covid-19 in the apartment building in Wedding. The two inspectors are confronted with the Berlin rent madness and the existential concern of people for their “third skin”, the four walls in which they live and which are more than their home.