Monte Carlo

The widow Van Tuyl van Serooskerken wants to take one last trip to Monte Carlo, just like the old days. Her son sets her up with a driver, an unknown young man working in his garage, the twenty-year old Danny Schat. Danny only wants to know one thing: What’s in it for me? Miss van Tuyl isn’t too fond of Danny. He will take her to Monte Carlo? Nevertheless, she’s bound to Danny, because nobody else will drive her. Danny should take the exact same route as Miss van Tuyl took 47 years ago, taking the backroads, passing the old hotels and stopping places. A three-day trip in her old Mercedes Benz. Because the two of them don’t hit it off quite well, Miss van Tuyl sets a few rules. For one, Danny isn’t allowed to smoke nor talk during the trip, and has to follow her instructions. Halfway into Belgium, Miss van Tuyl discovers Danny doesn’t have a driver’s license, and that he keeps a pistol in his bag. Tension rises as Danny finds out Miss van Tuyl doesn’t have any valid money, only a purse full of old francs. Danny feels used and wants to return home. Miss van Tuyl finally tells him the true reason for the trip; in Monte Carlo she keeps a secret bank account. She wants to collect the money to no longer be dependent on her son. On arrival in Monte Carlo, she’s willing to pay Danny double. Even more. Danny agrees; He’ll pay for the travelling expenses, but the tables are turning. He will no longer be treated as staff, and wants to decide what route to take.