Mi Vida

★★★★ NRC
“Mi Vida convinces on all fronts”

★★★★ Volkskrant
“Mi Vida is a convincing, strongly acted comic drama with a warm heart.”

★★★★ Parool
‘Heart warming’

★★★★ Trouw
“Unpretentious, emotionally convincing film”

★★★★ De Telegraaf
★★★★ Nederlands Dagblad
★★★★ Friesch Dagblad

I want to tell stories that go beyond boundaries. First of all, of course, the boundaries of the characters in the film, but ultimately also those of the audience. Stories can make your world bigger, more complex, more beautiful and more intense. With MI VIDA, Roos Ouwehand wrote such a story.

It is a misunderstanding that your “coming of age” is one-time event that marks the transition between puberty and adulthood. Every transition from one phase of life to another must be fought and comes with new discoveries and insights.

In directing, I focused on what is communicated without words. Lou’s body language. How she walks, looks, laughs (or pretends to laugh). A trembling lip, an uncertain look. Her initial modesty and the first steps to new bravado and regained lust for life.