Het Gordijnpaleis van Ollie Hartmoed

“Ollie Hartmoed’s Palace of Draperies’ is a beautifully made family series. Actually, no kids have to be present to watch along, because ‘Ollie Hartmoed’ is great fun for everyone”. – Cinemagazine

“Ollie Hartmoed’s Palace of Draperies” is a four-episode TV series about the 9-year old Ollie Hartmoed. His family is a thrown together bunch, rather than a regular family. There’s a lot going on in Ollie’s life. His grandfather ends up in hospital, his mother marries and moves in with her new boyfriend, and Ollie meets a very special girl. Ollie’s fascination for draperies isn’t very unusual, for his family used to own Hartmoed’s Palace of Draperies. Though years ago, Ollie’s father Oscar sold the Palace, Ollie still compares every event in his life with draperies. Draperies open every new day of your life. You can close draperies, but you can’t hide behind them. Ollie tries to understand life and all that’s going on, through his knowledge of draperies. And as if all this isn’t complicated enough, Ollie is diagnosed with a heart condition.

Before the end of the year, Ollie’s grandfather turns 100, and all he wishes for is these two things. To unite the entire family for the last time, and a white christmas. Ollie tries to make all his grandfathers last wishes come true.